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Revitalize + Preserve

Inspired by the study of Blue Zones, VITA BLU is a nutrient rich essence derived from each of the Blue Zones around the world to deliver the best in defying age and preserving natural healthy skin. Our special ingredient journey began in Italy where we first created VITA BLU which translates to blue life. The VITA BLU Complex has become the base of product formulations at Martinni Beauty, and it has also inspired a new collection of its own. VITA BLU is formulated to energize and illuminate all skin types. Revitalize, hydrate and bring life back to a dull, dry and tired complexion. In celebration of our VITA BLU restorative complex, this new collection brings to the forefront it’s age-delay qualities anchored by powerful skin renewal components to make each product it’s most effective in preserving the quality of your skin.
All products are made to be free of perfume, paraben & alcohol and always cruelty-free. We find deep purpose in dedicating time to each formula and making sure we are able to eliminate the “dirty dozen”, making each product as safe and intentional as possible. Keeping innovation and trend top of mind, we use nutrient rich plants, peptides, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals combined with proprietary VITA BLU to make the essence of skincare revitalization and preservation.

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