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Verve 02

Unique, Pure Oxygen and Light Fusion

Model: ES103
Manufactured by: Essai



1. Oxygen Photo Infusion

– 12 spray nozzles

2. Photo Diode Therapy

– Red PDT 640 ± 10nm

– Blue PDT 470 ± 10nm

– Green PDT 525 ± 10nm

– 108 × 4 – 432 RGB


This innovative breakthrough in technology delivers a combination of Light Therapy (PDT) and oxygen simultaneously. Doubles the benefit of light therapy and delivers corrective noticeable results.

• Improves the overall appearance of skin, fighting fine line, wrinkles, creases and untimely signs of ageing

• Extracts oxygen from ambient air producing a continuous stream of highly concentrated pure oxygen

• High pressure infusion of pure oxygen to the basal layer of skin using 2.2 bar pressure

• Pure oxygen flows through 12 nozzles on the Diode Panel, exposing clients to Light Therapy and Oxygen at the same time


Red PDT: Vigorously fights skin aging, aids in the stimulation of skin cells

• Triggers the release of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), a major energy source for most human cells

• Increases the rate of RNA and DNA synthesis aiding in the regeneration of aged and damaged cells

• Stimulates fibroblasts in the connective tissue which are responsible for collagen production, the essential protein that functions to hold cells together and promote skin elasticity and firmness

Blue PDT: The most preferred alternative solution for treating mild acne vulgaris

• Induces photo-excitation of bacterial porphyrins, single oxygen production and subsequent bacterial destruction

• Studies show that blue diode therapy offers extensive benefits to the lymph vessels

Green PDT: It alleviates hyper-pigmentation and enhances skin brightening

• Inhibits melanin production in the basal layer of the skin

• Helps to reduce inflammation and irritation by improving the overall skin complexion

• Studies show that the diameter of lymph vessels and lymph which flows through them can be doubled with the aid of green diode therapy

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