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Nouveau Visage – Facial Recipe

Lift + Firm
Type: Anti-Aging Facial

Treatment Description:
With a powerhouse of multi-benefits, this facial helps to tone, tighten, lift and sculpt. Intense hydration plumps and brightens to diminish fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores, and skin slackening. Boosted collagen and elastin define facial contours, creating a more sculpted appearance.  Radiance is Reclaimed. The skin is more taut, bouncy, and luminous. Feel invigorated with a new face. This skin-plumping powerhouse stimulates collagen production to improve elasticity, firmness, and density, helping to smooth out fine lines as well as deeper wrinkles. Featuring protective ingredients that repair damage, even skin tone, prevent breakouts, and ease inflammation, the skin appears transparent and tight for a more youthful contour.

Recommended For: Mature Skin, Wrinkles & Crepiness. 

Concern: Fine Lines, Wrinkles, Crepiness, Large Pores, Saggy Skin, Dull, Dry, Rough, Discoloration

Treatment Benefits: Firms, Lifts, Tightens, Slims, Smooths, Sculpts, Contours, and Decreases the appearance of fine lines, sagging, crepiness, and wrinkles. 

Cherry Blossom, PLLA, Argireline, Caffeine, EGF, Vita Blu Complex, Rose, Beta-Glucans, Amino Acids, Caviar, Hyaluronic Acid, Niacinamide, Oligopeptides, Quinoa, Marine Collagen, Avena Sativa, Spirulina, Copper Tripeptide, Elastin, Resveratrol, Green Tea, Apple Extract, Bilberry, Cucumber, Black Tea, Coconut, Willow Bark, Blue Tansy, and Royal Jelly. 



Step 2: CLEANSE & TONE with Clarifying Cleanser and PHA BHA Micellar Cleansing Tonic


Step 4: STEAM, alternatively steam with the AHA BHA Blackhead Clearing Tonic applied over the T-Zone (5-10 minutes); this will help dissolve blackheads and debris, making extractions easier. 

Step 5: EXFOLIATION, Perform a gentle exfoliation with Insta Glow Micro Scrub to remove surface dead skin cells. 


Step 7: MASSAGE with The Barrier Crème Peptide Massage Cream for All Skin Types. 

Step 8: FACIAL MASK, Use the Peptide Wrinkle Defense Ampoule and allow it to set while mixing, and then apply the Sakura Sculpt + Contour with PLLA HYDRAFLASH masque.

Step 9: PROTECT with the Revitafirm Wrinkle Release Serum with Caviar and your SPF.

Treatment Options:
These are some of the alternatives you may use in this facial.  For the toner, you can use the Resurface Gly-Exfo Tonic in place of the PHA BHA Micellar Cleansing Tonic.  For The Barrier Crème Peptide Massage Cream, you may substitute it with the EGF or Ceramide Barrier Massage Crème. You may swap out the HYDRAFLASH peel-off masque for the Intense 5-in-1 Youth Complex VITAJELLY Mask. To speed this facial up, use a ready-to-use Collagen Mask- try these: Black Pearl Age Defense, Rose Quartz Total Radiance, 4-1 Ageless Defense, or Platinum Restructuring.  After the serum, you can end the facial with the LA VIE D’OR Youth Luster Gold Crème with Wrinkle Repair Complex, then SPF. 


  • If you want to make this a 90-minute treatment, try incorporating a 20-minute Face/Neck/Décolleté Anti-Aging Massage and various skincare devices to enhance lifting, firming, and smoothing. 
  • To add additional anti-aging components- focus on the neck, lips, or eyes.  Try adding the 360 Caffeine Eye Lift Mask, the Caffeine Contour Neck Mask, the  24k Gold Luminous Eye Mask, Intense Lift Eye Mask, or Gold Lip Mask. 
  • Make sure your service ends with a home care plan to support your treatment and clients’ goals. And remember, anti-aging concerns go beyond the face.  Make sure to address those body aging concerns with the Blu Butter BRAZILIAN BUM CRÈME contour + glow and the EVEN-OUT PIGMENT BLASTER   Pigment Corrector + Skin Smoothie.  Other great favorites for face homecare include the BB CREAM Complexion Perfector and the LA VIE D’OR Youth Luster Gold Crème with Wrinkle Repair Complex.


  • Step up your anti-aging transformation game by performing fibroblast skin tightening with the Superfrecator by Martinni; it helps remove fine lines, brown spots, skin tags, and so much more. 
  • Invest in learning different facial massage techniques for unique skin-firming and lifting results that will contour and restructure your client’s facial appearance. 
  • Be up on the latest skincare advances and trends, know what the competition is offering, and make sure your treatments are as relevant as they are effective in today’s skincare market.  Use tradeshows, social media groups, blogs, distributors, and magazines to see what’s new and where you can get into additional classes and training. 

Product Cost, Usage and Cost Per Treatment

  • ER389P Clarifying Cleanser $40.00 /20.2 oz. (1 Cleansing = ½ teaspoon (dime size) $.17)
  • ES5035 AHA BHA Blackhead Clearing Tonic $37.50/ 4 oz.  (1 T-Zone = ¼ teaspoon $.39)
  • VB6005 PHA BHA Micellar Cleansing Tonic $14.48 / 8.5 oz. (1 Toning = ½ teaspoon  $.14)
  • ERMSB Insta Glow Micro Scrub $64.94 / 17.6 oz. (1 Exfoliation = ½ teaspoon $.30)
  • ER199S The Barrier Crème Peptide Massage Cream $84.55 /8.8 oz. (1 Face Neck Massage = 1 teaspoon  $1.60)
  • MR3030 Peptide Wrinkle Defense Ampoule $44.95 / 10x5mL (1 Ampoule Face Neck = 2.5 mL $2.25)
  • MR1030 Sakura Sculpt + Contour HYDRAFLASH masque $95.00/Kit (1 Face HYDRAFLASH masque =  $6.33)
  • MR2030 Revitafirm Wrinkle Release Serum $37.50 / 1.35 oz. (1 Serum Face Neck = ¼ teaspoon $1.25)
  • Total Cost Per Facial: $12.43, Kit Cost: $11.15
  • Revenue Potential Per Facial: $90.00-$200.00+
  • Kit Cost: $418.92
  • Kit Deal: $375.00

Treatment Time: 50-80 minutes

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