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Hydrafade Reveal – Facial Recipe

Brighten, Clarify, Spot Correct
Type: Pigment Correcting Facial

Treatment Description:
This supercharged treatment infuses the skin with intense brighteners and Rose Gold to lessen the appearance of hyperpigmentation and enhance the skin’s cell renewal process. Active ingredients smooth wrinkles, boost collagen and relieve dryness, revealing a firmer texture and a clarified, opulent glow. Dark spot correcting ingredients work to lighten the pigment of skin discoloration including sun damage, brown spots, age spots, post-inflammatory discoloration, post-acne marks, and melasma. This facial offers a safer alternative to hydroquinone, using Alpha Arbutin, Niacinamide, Vitamin C, and Kojic Acid. In addition to lightning pigmentation, it helps to even texture and tone for a bright balanced glow.

Recommended For: Sun-damaged, Aging, and Discolored Skin

Concern: Melasma, Hyperpigmentation, Age/Brown/Sun Spots, Pigmented Scarring, and Skin Discoloration

Treatment Benefits: Ultra-Clarifying, Brightening, Lightening. It fades brown spots and sun damage, leaving skin with clarity, radiance, and plumpness.

Alpha-Arbutin, Niacinamide, Resveratrol, Rose Gold, Marine Collagen, Beta-Glucan, Vita Blu Complex, Hyaluronic Acid, Licorice Root, Vitamin C, White Mulberry, Lactic Acid, Allantoin, Kojic Acid, Prickly Pear Cactus, Purslane, Kale, Noni, Ginseng, Yuzu, Glycolic Acid, and Blue Tansy.



Step 2: CLEANSE & TONE with Clarifying Cleanser and Resurface Gly-Exfo Tonic


Step 4: STEAM, Alternatively steam with the AHA BHA Blackhead Clearing Tonic applied over the T-Zone (5-10 minutes)

Step 5: EXFOLIATION, Perform a gentle exfoliation with Insta Glow Micro Scrub to remove surface dead skin cells.


Step 7: MASSAGE with The Even-Out Pigment Blaster Pigment Correxion + Skin Smoothie.

Step 8: FACIAL MASK, Use the Alpha-Arbutin Pigment Correxion Ampoule and allow it to set while mixing and applying the Lighten + Lift Rose Gold Pigment Diffusion VITAJELLY Mask.

Step 9: PROTECT with the Pigment Correxion Serum with Alpha-Arbutin and your SPF Moisturizer. Avoid Direct and Prolonged Sun Exposure after this facial.  If going out into the sun for an extended period, do not use this ampoule.

Treatment Options:
These are some of the alternatives you may use in this facial.  For the toner, you can use the Resurface Gly-Exfo Tonic in place of the AHA BHA Blackhead Clearing Tonic if the client does not have any blackheads. You may substitute the VITAJELLY Mask for the White Pearl Illuminating Infusion with Caviar de Rose.  For express service, swap the Peel-Off masks for the Vita C Lumiere Collagen Mask.  For the massage and ending moisturizer, you may opt for the Vitalux Illumination Serum with Bakuchiol and The Barrier Crème with Peptides.


  • If you want to make this a 90-minute treatment, a back facial is an excellent add-on for this service in diminishing sun spots and freckles from the upper back and shoulders.  Simply use the same protocol as the facial – leaving out the mask if desired.
  • To add a pleasing anti-aging component- focus on the neck or eyes.  Try adding the 24K Gold Luminous Eye Mask, Resveratrol Eye Rescue Mask,  or the Firm + Sculpt neck & decollete LIFT Mask.


  • Schedule a series of treatments and prescribe home care solutions to help your client achieve their skincare goals in eliminating hyperpigmentation.
  • Incorporate photo-rejuvenation devices or the Superfrecator into your treatment to achieve quicker results.
  • Alternate home care and treatment every three months to ensure maximum effectiveness of lightning treatments.

Product Cost, Usage and Cost Per Treatment

  • ER389P Clarifying Cleanser $40.00 /20.2 oz. (1 Cleansing = ½ teaspoon (dime size) $.17)
  • ES5035 AHA BHA Blackhead Clearing Tonic $37.50/ 4 oz.  (1 T-Zone = ¼ teaspoon $.39)
  • ES6010 Resurface Gly-Exfo Tonic  $14.48 / 8.5 oz. (1 Toning = ½ teaspoon  $.14)
  • ERMSB Insta Glow Micro Scrub $64.94 / 17.6 oz. (1 Exfoliation = ½ teaspoon $.30)
  • LB5020 EVEN-OUT Pigment Blaster Smoothie $22.50 /8.8 oz. (1 Face Neck Massage = 1 teaspoon  $.42)
  • LB3025 Alpha-Arbutin Pigment Correxion Ampoule $44.95 / 10x5mL (1 Ampoule Face Neck = 2.5 mL $2.25)
  • LB4025 Lighten + Lift Rose Gold VITAJELLY  Mask $85.00 / 1000 g (1 VITAJELLY Mask =  $3.4)
  • LB2025 Pigment Correxion Serum $37.50 / 1.35 oz. (1 Serum Face Neck = ¼ teaspoon $1.25)
  • Total Cost Per Facial: $8.32, Kit Cost: $7.49
  • Revenue Potential Per Facial: $90.00-$200.00+
  • Kit Cost: $346.87
  • Kit Deal: $310.00

Treatment Time: 50-80 minutes

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