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Cica Relief & Repair – Facial Recipe

Soothing Calm
Type: Calming Facial for Relief of Itchy, Red & Inflamed Skin

Treatment Description:
A healing blend of Cica, Purslane, and Mint instantly soothes irritated and inflamed skin caused by sensitive and post-treatment skin conditions. Powerful antioxidants defend against environmental damage and work to repair over-stimulated skin. With restored balance, a healthy and radiant complexion appears calm and supple.  Soothing extracts reduce inflammation and help strengthen the skin with nourishing moisture. The antibacterial properties fight off bacteria that cause acute skin conditions, redness and irritations dissipate. Perfect for post-treatment, this nourishing formula works fast to calm, repair, and balance for a healthy complexion.

Recommended For: Sensitive, Inflamed, Post-Procedure, Red & Dry Skin

Concern: Over-Sensitized, Post-Treatment & Post-Care

Treatment Benefits: Soothing, Cooling, Calming, Healing, Nourishing, Moisturizing 

Cica, Purslane, Hyaluronic Acid, Peptides, Vita Blu Complex, Aloe, Green Tea, Noni, Prickly Pear Cactus, Chrysanthemum, Geranium, Fruit Acids, Wild Moss Rose, Squalane, Copper Tri-peptide, Cucumber, Marine Collagen, Kale EGF, Royal Jelly, Cucumber, Black Tea, Allantoin, Arnica, Chamomile, and Wild Mint. 



Step 2: CLEANSE & TONE with Gentle Cleanse Brightening Milk and PHA BHA Micellar Cleansing Tonic.


Step 4: STEAM, Alternatively steam with the AHA BHA Blackhead Clearing Tonic applied over the T-Zone (5 minutes).

Step 5: EXFOLIATION, Avoid over-scrubbing, perform gentle exfoliation with the Insta Glow Micro Scrub, using light circular motions with added water for milder effect.   


Step 7: MASSAGE with The Barrier Crème EGF Massage Cream for Sensitive Skin.

Step 8: FACIAL MASK, Use the Calming Repair Post-Care Ampoule and allow it to set while mixing and applying the Cica Repair RX + Purslane  VITAJELLY Mask.

Step 9: PROTECT with the Calming Redness Relief Serum, The Barrier Crème EGF Cream, and an SPF.

Treatment Options:
These are some of the alternatives you may use in this facial.  For the toner, you can use the Resurface Gly-Exfo Tonic in place of the PHA BHA Micellar Cleansing Tonic.  For the Mask, you can also use Martinni’s Intensive Recovery Mask to make this an express facial after a chemical peel.  If you focus on calming inflammation, you may also use the Aloe Smooth Rx Collagen Mask. In place of the VITAJELLY Mask, you may also choose the Matcha Lactic retexture + tone with Manuka Honey from the Hydraflash masque collection. 


  • If you want to make this a 90-minute treatment, a back facial is an excellent add-on for this service.  Simply use the same protocol as the facial, leaving out the mask if desired. This is a friendly, soothing treatment for a sunburned back. 
  • To take healing repair to the next level, add the ENDEAR EGF Fortify + Regenerate Ampoule with Plant Stem Cell + Sea Fennel under the serum in step 9 or use the Aloe Smooth Rx Mask. 
  • To add a pleasing anti-aging component- focus on the neck or eyes.  Try adding the Resveratrol Eye Rescue Mask and the Neck Contour Mask. 


  • Cooling or Refrigerating your masks or creams for sunburned skin is a soothing touch.
  • Lymphatic Drainage for the face is ultra-healing and excellent for reducing swelling and puffiness. 
  • Incorporating cold stones into your facial massage can help calm red and inflamed skin. 
  • Silicon brushes or spatulas are best for applying jelly masks.

Product Cost, Usage and Cost Per Treatment

  • ER202P Gentle Cleanse Brightening Milk $40.00 /20.2 oz. (1 Cleansing = ½ teaspoon (dime size) $.17)
  • ES5035 AHA BHA Blackhead Clearing Tonic $37.50/ 4 oz.  (1 T-Zone = ¼ teaspoon $.39)
  • VB6005 PHA BHA Micellar Cleansing Tonic $14.48 / 8.5 oz. (1 Toning = ½ teaspoon  $.14)
  • ERMSB Insta Glow Micro Scrub $64.94 / 17.6 oz. (1 Exfoliation = ½ teaspoon $.30)
  • ER195P The Barrier Crème EGF Massage Cream $84.55 /8.8 oz. (1 Face Neck Massage = 1 teaspoon  $1.60)
  • LV3015 Calming Repair Post-Care Ampoule $44.95 / 10x5mL (1 Ampoule Face Neck = 2.5 mL $2.25)
  • LV4015 Cica Repair RX + Purslane  VITAJELLY Mask $85.00 / 1000 g (1 VITAJELLY Mask =  $3.40)
  • LV2015 Calming Redness Relief Serum $37.50 / 1.35 oz. (1 Serum Face Neck = ¼ teaspoon $1.25)
  • ER195P The Barrier Crème EGF Cream $84.55/ 8.8 oz. (1 Face Neck Barrier Crème = ¼ teaspoon $ .40)
  • Total Cost Per Facial: $9.90, Kit Cost: $8.77
  • Revenue Potential Per Facial: $90.00-$200.00
  • Kit Cost: $344.14
  • Kit Deal: $305.00

Treatment Time: 50-80 minutes

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