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Barrier Repair RX – Facial Recipe

Procedure Optimizing Aftercare
Type: Regenerative Post-Procedure Facial

Treatment Description:
Speed up and optimize post-procedure results. The next step in post-treatment recovery, improve procedure results with this ultra-nourishing and cell-regenerating facial. Minerals and extracts hydrate and fortify the skin for accelerated healing. This treatment is ideal for devitalized skin or after invasive treatments such as peels, lasers, and extractions. Orchids are moisturizing superheroes that soothe, smooth, and support the skin barrier protecting it from internal and external stressors. With the help of CoQ10, Peptides, and Ceramides to strengthen, repair, and regenerate, inflammation is reduced, and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles diminishes. Improved barrier function and collagen production leave skin feeling firmer, suppler, and revitalized.

Recommended For: Devitalized, Over-Stimulated/Sensitized, Post-Procedure  & Dry Skin,

Concern: Post-Treatment Recovery, Enhanced Healing, Inflamed, Compromised Skin Conditions. Anti-Aging. 

Treatment Benefits: Regenerate, Repair, Intensely Nutritive, Ultra-Healing, and Rejuvenating. 

Hyaluronic Acid, Beta-Glucans, Caviar, Oligopeptides, Acai, CoQ10, Orchid, Keratin Amino Acids, Ceramides, Vita Blu Complex, Collagen, Niacinamide, Pumpkin Seed, Nopal Cactus, EGF, Elastin, Spirulina, Edelweiss, Grape Seed Extract, Desert Rose, Ferulic Acid, Apple Stem Cell, Lotus, Sea Fennel, and Jasmine.



Step 2: CLEANSE & TONE with Clarifying Cleanser and Vitale Vita-Infusion Tonic.


Step 4: STEAM (Skip steaming if your client’s skin is overly sensitized post procedure.)

Step 5: EXFOLIATION (Avoid scrubbing over-sensitized and stimulated skin.)

Step 6: EXTRACTION (Skip this step if your client’s skin needs a rest.)

Step 7: MASSAGE with The Barrier Crème EGF Massage Cream for Sensitive Skin. For Post-Procedure skin perform lymphatic massage and light touch. 

Step 8: FACIAL MASK. Use the EGF Fortify + Regenerate Ampoule and allow it to set while mixing, and then apply the Black Orchid Regenerate + Repair with Ceramides HYDRAFLASH masque. 

Step 9: PROTECT with the EGF Age Reversal Serum with Ceramides, The Barrier Crème EGF, and your SPF. 

Treatment Options:
These are some of the alternatives you may use in this facial. If your primary focus is on calming inflammation after a procedure, you may use the Leveen (Calming Repair Post-Care Ampoule) and (Calming Redness Relief Serum) instead of the Endear.  In place of the HYDRAFLASH masque, you may use the Revitaderm Rapid Recovery VITAJELLY Mask.  

If you want to speed up the treatment, opt for the Intense Restorative Algae Seed Mask or the Rapid Recovery Post-Treatment Collagen Mask. (These do not require a period for setting and can be used in 10-15 minutes.)

Alternatively, any Martinni barrier cremes will compliment this facial; however, the EGF is most beneficial to optimal post-care treatment.   


  • To make this a 90-minute service, incorporate LED therapy and relaxing services such as hand and foot massage.  
  • The Caffeine Neck Contour Mask, and the Lip Plump Mask make excellent anti-aging add-ons to this service. 


  • Incorporating cooling elements into your client’s facial can help decrease inflammation.  Cooling Facial Globes, Ice Gloves, Marble Cold Stones, Rose Quartz rollers, and face masks are all inexpensive ways to use cold therapy. 
  • LED and Ultrasonic Cryotherapy are also ideal for incorporating into this treatment.
  • Be sure to prescribe products that match your client’s skincare needs and goals. When clients undergo various procedures, their needs change, and so should their homecare skincare regimen. 

Product Cost, Usage and Cost Per Treatment

  • ER389P Clarifying Cleanser $40.00 /20.2 oz. (1 Cleansing = ½ teaspoon (dime size) $.17)
  • ER6020 Vitale Vita-Infusion Tonic  $14.48 / 8.5 oz. (1 Toning = ½ teaspoon  $.14)
  • ER195P The Barrier Crème EGF Massage Cream $84.55 /8.8 oz. (1 Face Neck Massage = 1 teaspoon  $1.60)
  • ER3020 EGF Fortify + Regenerate Ampoule $44.95 / 10x5mL (1 Ampoule Face Neck = 2.5 mL $2.25)
  • ER1020 Black Orchid HYDRAFLASH masque $95.00/kit (1 Face HYDRAFLASH masque =  $6.33)
  • ER2020 EGF Age Reversal Serum $37.50 / 1.35 oz. (1 Serum Face Neck = ¼ teaspoon $1.25)
  • ER195P The Barrier Crème EGF $84.55/ 8.8 oz. (1 Face Neck Barrier Crème = ¼ teaspoon $ .40)
  • Total Cost Per Facial: $12.14,  Kit Cost: $10.97
  • Revenue Potential Per Facial: $90.00-$200.00+
  • Kit Cost: $316.48
  • Kit Deal: $280.00

Treatment Time: 50-80 minutes

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