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Adjustable Protective Goggles

Precautions & Warning

  1. Non-sterile: Recommended to be used in accordance with the health and safety guidelines.
  2. This product is not recommended for intensive care unit (ICU), isolation units, wards or rooms, operating rooms and other medical and health care settings.
  3. Do not use it as protection against open flame or sparks.
  4. Do not use if the package is damaged.

The soft and bendable design of the frame is made of lightweight PVC, comfortable and pressure free to wear. The anti-fog coating restricts the effect of condensation making it possible for the wearer to work in various conditions. Top and bottom perforations allow optimum air flow. The goggles can resist the impact of high-speed particles (120 m/sec), and can avoid sand, gravel and other kinds of solid or liquid spatter that can damage the eyes. These can be worn over prescription spectacles.

  • Anti-fog, scratch-resistant Poly Carbonate lens
  • Filters out 99.9 percent of UV radiation
  • Impact resistant, splash protection eyewear
  • High visual light transmittance > 89%
  • Adjustable strap
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