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Balance + Hydrate

ESSENTIALS is designed to work with all skin types to achieve healthy skin that stays balanced and hydrated. All ESSENTIAL products are straight forward, simple and easy to use. You can find efficacious solutions for most skincare needs along with unique and fun facial pairings that work above and beyond what you expect from basic products. While ease of use is prominent, the ingredients are the purest and most effective backed by science to deliver optimum results. ESSENTIALS nourishes the skin to soften and moisturize for a toned and dewy glow.

All ESSENTIALS products are made to be free of perfume, paraben & alcohol and always cruelty-free. We find deep purpose in dedicating time to each formula and making sure we are able to eliminate the “dirty dozen”, making each product as safe and intentional as possible. Keeping innovation and trend top of mind, we use nutrient rich plants, peptides, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals combined with proprietary VITA BLU to make ESSENTIALS the all-encompassing powerhouse in skincare technology.

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